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Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides (HCP) - For Men and Women of All Ages - $69.95

Beautiful Hair, Skin & Nails

  • • Keep skin looking more youthful and full.
  • • Reduce fine lines & wrinkles.
  • • Thicken & add body to hair.
  • • Protect and strengthen nails.

  • Supports Healthy Joints, Bones, Ligaments & Tendons

  • • Increase mobility & flexibility.
  • • Promote muscle recovery & joint lubrication.
  • • Recover from injury faster.

  • Promotes Energy and Fitness

  • • Add lean muscle.
  • • Increase your metabolism.
  • • Improve your circulation.
  • • Stimulate your body's renewal of tissue.
  • • Supports weight loss & body fat reduction
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    • Pyur Hydrosol Technology

      Pyur HCP (hydrolyzed collagen peptides) with MRET® Activation bring a unique perspective to a comprehensive proprietary world-class, pure, liquid, collagen protein peptides that is predigested by papain. This papaya-based enzyme, creating a hydrolyzed collagen drink in conjunction with MRET® Activation, enables a rapid and complete assimilation by the body. Superior protein for human consumption, as the collagen amino acid profile integrates exceptionally well in our bodies.

      HCP is vastly superior and far more absorbable than commonly available collagen powder, pill & tablets and is most similar to the collagen in your own body – The problem with collagen powder, pills and tablets is they have to be broken down and digested, and your body only uses what’s left over. Our liquid collagen peptides have the highest absorption ratio possible, because it’s predigested and hydrolyzed in a unique and proprietary liquid blend with natural enzymes before bottling.

      Anti-aging benefits - Collagen loss in the body starts at approximately 18–29 years of age. After 40 years the human body can lose around 1% per year. Around 80 years old collagen production in the body can decrease 75% overall in comparison to that of young adults. The benefits for bone, joints, connective tissue, range of motion and blood vessel integrity must be experienced to be believed.

      HCP’s high energy formula contains 7,500 mg of protein per tablespoonful (15 ml) with a high Net Protein Utilization (NPU) specifically containing the amino acids: Glycine, Proline, Hydroxyproline and Arginine which help spare lean body mass and provide energy. Liquid delivery allows vitamins and nutrients to become far more bioavailable and economizes metabolic energy as the body doesn’t need to work as hard to digest a liquid, increasing the physiological benefits.

    • MRET Technology

      MRET changes the bond angle of H2O from 104.5° to 114.5° by utilizing a patented technology. The bond angle of 114.5° is found in intracellular water molecules. If we can make this change to the water that we drink even before we consume it, hydration becomes more efficient. By relieving our body of the process of changing the bond angle, we are making it 3–6 times easier for our body to absorb the liquid.

      The many benefits of the patented MRET Technology have been scientifically validated by respected laboratories from around the world. Research findings regarding MRET Water have been highlighted in multiple science publications, as well as presented at more than a dozen international Science and Health Conferences.

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